Dear Majestic…..

Dear Majestic
I tweeted your Salisbury store recently to ask what ciders they stocked…….
I’ll skip the boring bit about how they didn’t reply even after a second tweet and how only a really geeky tweet to the big cheese at Majestic central solicited a response but when I finally heard from them, their best (and only) offer was a mixed case of Weston’s. I did ask if they had anything a bit more local and but was told this was out of their hands. Purchasing decisions are down to the big cheese apparently?
When I called in at the store to check for myself I found they also stocked Henney’s (Herefordshire), Aspall’s (Suffolk), Longueville (Normandy) and Rekorderlig (Sweden). But nothing from Wiltshire, Somerset, Hampshire or Dorset.
Now……forgive me if I’m sticking my oar in here but doesn’t something seem a little wrong when your store in Salisbury, Wiltshire, on the edge of the West Country doesn’t stock a single cider from the surrounding counties? Cider and the West Country are inseparable as far as most drinkers are concerned but not, it seems when it comes to the Majestic purchasing team.
Can you imagine living in Bavaria and the local off-licence not stocking a decent local beer? Living in Epernay and being offered Prosecco? Muscadet in Burgundy? Can’t imagine it somehow yet, here in the West Country, Majestic can’t offer a single local West Country cider.
And it’s clearly not for the lack of availability- off the top of my head I could suggest Wessex Cider- 15 mins up the road in Fifield Bavant, New Forest Cider- 20 mins in the other direction and good enough to go down a storm every week on Borough Market, Cider by Rosie over in Blandford and last but certainly not least, the superb Burrow Hill Cider an hour away in Somerset.
There are plenty of others that I could list but I don’t want to bore you. In fact if I really did want to bore you I’d mention how you seem to ignore some of the fantastic local brewers like Hopback and Downton Breweries too but I better not go on too long.
So, I’ll leave it up to you Majestic. Maybe you can explain this curious omission from your range of ciders? Or maybe you can show some commitment to the great local producers in the West Country by updating your stock to offer something a bit more reflective of our locality?
Go on, I dare you…….

2 thoughts on “Dear Majestic…..

  1. Recipe Junkie November 23, 2012 at 12:24 pm Reply

    Let me guess… I bet they haven't answered you

  2. localfoodgeek November 23, 2012 at 1:35 pm Reply

    Actually yes, they tweeted me back the same day to say that the reason they didn't stock any was down to local suppliers not asking to be stocked! Poor excuse in my book- surely any good retailer should be out there seeking out good suppliers rather than simply waiting for the suppliers with the best marketing teams to approach them. Expect another blog on this one…..

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