Friday in St Ives and where to start. Moomaid of Zennor? Oh go on…..

An October weekend in St Ives….sounds perfect yes? Well call me ungrateful, but 2 days just isn’t long enough to do justice to all the places on my to eat list unless I adopt a 7 meals a day approach to my weekend. My shortlist, compiled from some old favourites combined with a few “hmmm looks interesting” options includes, Blas Burgerworks, Porthminster Beach Café, St Andrews St Bistro, Moomaid of Zennor and, of course, as many local cider makers as I can find!
Car parked, bags checked and time to explore. And what better way to explore than with ice cream in hand? Directly on the busy harbour and up a short flight of steps, the Moomaid of Zennor ice cream parlour is the public face of family run Tremedda Farm, a 250 acre dairy farm just 5 miles up the road in the tiny hamlet of Zennor. With the milk and cream for the business coming straight from Tremedda’s own Friesian herd which is then turned into over 30 flavours ice cream right on the farm, this ice cream is about as local and unadulterated as it’s possible to get.
Moomaid supplies its own parlours in St Ives and in Porthtowan as well as just about every restaurant in the area worth its salt. But I know this already, I’m a fan, a serial customer and my only issue is which flavour to start with. Disappointingly but not entirely surprisingly, the Sea Salt Caramel has already sold out but I’m still spoilt for choice with a mix of traditional (Vanilla, Mint Choc Chip, Belgian Chocolate) and more innovative (Almond and Amarena Cherry, Fig and Mascarpone or Turkish Delight) flavours to choose from. Turkish Delight would be a first for me so it’s a good place to start and it doesn’t disappoint- it’s that pink dusty stuff you brought back for your mum from your holiday in Maramaris but metamorphosed into a traditional Cornish ice cream and served in a sugar cone. Certainly unusual at first taste but in a good way and I’m left wondering why everyone doesn’t make this flavour!

Later in the day I’m back for more, this time it’s the Almond and Cherry whilst Mrs Food Geek goes for the Moomaid Mess, a variation on Eton Mess but made with ice cream and clotted cream added to the usual strawberries and meringue. Yes, they’re as good as they sound and that’s the thing about Moomaid, it really is as good as it sounds! Great ice cream, locally made, locally sold and always looking for new ideas and twists on original flavours.
The Moomaid website tells the story how a young man was lured into the sea by the Mermaid of Zennor but nowadays it’s more likely he’d have stayed put and put in an order for another scoop!

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