Ready, set go…..

I guess there’s a limit to how long it’s possible to sit around thinking about how to take an “idea” forward to become an interesting and informative blog but if I sat around much longer this might just never happen! So (without further ado), let’s get stuck in…..

There’s nothing I enjoy more than eating really tasty food. But by that, I don’t mean that I eat at Le Gavroche or the Fat Duck every week. Sure, they have their place but for most of us, finding great food at a local pub, village store or high street is far more satisfying and affordable and it’s such a good feeling to stumble across somewhere that you’d be happy to recommend to others.

And that’s where I’m coming from. I’m on the look out for exactly those places- local independent food suppliers across Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset and throughout the West Country. I’ll be recommending some of my current favourites, reporting on new finds and hoping to get some recommendations along the way.

My twitter feed is about to go live on @localfoodgeek so lets see where this takes us…..

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